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What is a Smart Building?

A truly smart building, whether that be a typical family home or a multi-storey office, should have one simple purpose – to make your everyday life easier. It should not be a collection of gadgets that each claim to be smart but only provide you with one individual purpose. We believe in a unified system that operates seamlessly in the background to add as little or as much modern-day convenience as you want, without complicating your day-to-day life.

Lighting, heating, audio, burglar alarms, access control. These (among others) are all stable features of a 21st-century building; however, in many cases, these are individual systems which have no ability to interact with one another. We don’t think that’s very smart at all, which is why every aspect of any system we build is designed to work together from the start – and to last for years to come.

Intelligent but not complicated

Smart Homes

Every year it seems the technology in the world around us becomes more and more advanced. However, our homes and the way we interact with the basic features in them (such as lighting, heating, security, etc.) seem to have remained largely unchanged.

We know that, when done correctly, a smart home system can improve our day-to-day lives immeasurably. However, we also know that many solutions claim to be “smart” but end up simply adding more complication and stress. That is why we’re committed to systems that just work without the complex layer of control.

Bespoke systems for business

Nowadays commercial buildings can be quite complicated – multiple lighting circuits, complex burglar alarms and complicated heating controls just to name a few. This can result in having multiple systems for people to learn, ugly banks of switches and can make maintenance a real nightmare.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can create one harmonious system for your specific business needs that handles as much or as little as you want it to. We offer features from automated lighting and zoned audio to modern key-fob or code-based access control and planned preventive maintenance.

Regardless of the features you choose, we’ll ensure that every aspect of the system is intelligently integrated while also reducing the amount of input needed from you. We can automate a wide range of tasks that are often done manually, saving you and your employees endless amounts of time. Plus, you’ll have a convenient central point of control with our app.

Loxone Fob
Loxone Miniserver

Proud to be a Loxone Partner

Loxone is one of the world’s leading systems for offering intelligent lighting, heating, security, access control, energy management and much more. It’s the solution we use to offer all of our systems. By using one, all-encompassing system we can guarantee a level of integration that many others can not.