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This is a collection of our recent projects, using Loxone as our smart home automation control system of choice in different applications across the UK.

Residential Self Build | Blue Door, Monmouthshire


On this 6-bedroom property we used the Loxone Tree wiring system throughout, this helped reduce wiring by up to 80% from traditional smart home wiring methods. We also provided a lighting design service and incorporated the back of the media rack into the garage to keep it nice and cool, access can still be achieved from the Kitchen behind a hidden door.

A 12 zone Loxone Music Server was required to provide audio throughout the property, we also used a HDAnywhere HDMI matrix to distribute 4 Sky boxes / DVD / XBOX into all bedrooms and living areas.

Residential Self Build | Long Barrow Passivhaus, Gloucestershire


This project is still at the design stage (watch this space)


This Passive House located in Poulton, Gloucestershire will showcase the full Loxone product range. Every technology working together effortlessly in harmony providing a complete eco system.


Smart Home ready windows/doors provided by Internorm ecoHaus now allow wireless automated control of the shading requirements. The system will automatically calculate if it’s more efficient to either passively heat or cool the property, by altering the tilt of the blinds based on the trajectory of the sun and the orientation of the glazing.


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Residential New Build – Developer | Mill House Apartments, Wiltshire


For this developer we provided Loxone controlled mood lighting within all 3 of these luxury apartments, using the Touch Tree switch which incorporates a temperature probe allowed us to achieve zoned under floor heating on both floors.

The smoke alarms were also integrated into the smart home automation system, in the event of a fire all users will be alerted via the app as well as lights flashing in the bedrooms before hallway/corridor lights fully illuminating aiding in the escape.

Residential Retrofit | Archers Hall, Gloucestershire


Here we retrofitted a burglar alarm system using Loxone’s Air technology. Door/window contacts and motion sensors monitoring this property 24/7.


The audio system is also integrated with the burglar alarm siren/doorbell/alarm clock and provides text to speech notifications keeping this client up to date with recent events.

Quality Guaranteed | Loxone | Smart Home Automation


All Loxone control panels are built off-site within our workshop to guarantee quality control. Designed completely bespoke for your project, shipped with a full wiring diagram.

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Case Studies | Zmart Hohm | Smart Home Automation | Gloucestershire