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Zmart Hohm specifically work alongside electrical contractors to provide a design – supply – commission service.

Zmart Hohm | Partners

From Initial idea to completed project, we are the glue uniting all engineering trades on site.


Providing the conductor to electrical/heating/renewable/security/AV technology.

Any project from commercial to residential would benefit from a Zmart Hohm Loxone package. This is the ultimate tool for the automation of Smart Homes, commercial premises and custom applications.

Design | What’s In The Box?


All design completed in house.


Fully layered set of location plans, full wiring schedule detailing connection location across the top din rail only. Every cable has a unique code. Completely bespoke media rack design service also available.

Offsite | Panel Building


‘Site Ready Loxone Smart Home Panels’


Using Future Automation panels as the skeleton to house all wiring and Loxone extensions. All built offsite within our workshop to guarantee quality control. Simply screw to the wall and push connect into the top din rail. Plug’n’Play! The consumer unit can also be incorporated on request.


Every Loxone accessory from switch to sensor will be included in each order, all labelled so you know exactly which room to connect them in.

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