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Intelligent Blind Control

Intelligent Blinds

Why would I want intelligent blind control?

Blinds and curtains are things we adjust on a daily basis. In the majority of cases, this is done by someone walking over and doing it manually. Is that the end of the world? No, but we can ensure that your blinds are intelligently automated so that they’re open and closed at the right times without you having to lift a finger. Whenever you do want to manually control them, you can conveniently do so from a switch or the app – rather than having to walk over to each set of blinds individually.

However, our systems offer you far more than just the convenience of not having to manually adjust your blinds. We can turn your blinds into a fundamentally intelligent part of your home or commercial building – giving you functionality that you probably didn’t even realise was possible.

Your blinds can act as part of your heating/cooling system by intelligently opening to let sunlight flood into a room and heat it passively, or the blinds can be automatically closed if a room is getting too hot. Your blinds can act as part of your alarm clock, by gradually opening in the morning to gently bring you out of your sleep before your alarm goes off. Your blinds can act as part of your security system by behaving like someone is in when you are in fact on holiday – stopping the property from looking unoccupied and an attractive target for burglars.
By tying your blinds into a wider system, we can create an intelligent system that works around the clock to make your everyday experience in your home or commercial property significantly more convenient.

Intelligent Blind Control Features

Automatic blinds

Automated Blinds

No one likes having to manually adjust the blinds every day. So with our systems, your blinds (or curtains) can automatically open, close or tilt based on your needs. Have them automatically close at sunset each night or open at a certain time every morning.

Smart Heating icon

Passive Heating/Cooling

Your blinds can help regulate the temperature in any room or area. If a room is getting too hot, your blinds can be automatically lowered to stop the sun from flooding in and making it even hotter. If your room is below temperature the blinds can be opened to try to heat the room.

Alarm Icon

Wake-up Routine

Have your blinds gradually open as part of your wake-up alarm, to slowly fill your bedroom with light. This gently brings you out of your sleep and is a much better way to start the day than being screeched at by your alarm clock.

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Control via the App

You will have a full overview and control of all of your blinds and curtains from directly within the app. This allows you to check whether any of them are open, closed or titled and if needs be adjust them – even if you’re not in!

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Intelligent Grouping

You can group multiple sets of blinds or curtains into one intelligent group, allowing you to control all of them at once. Forget having to adjust them all one by one, simply tap on a switch or use the app and that room or area blinds can be adjusted however you want them to be.

Media Control

TV/Movie Mode

Watching television in a particularly open room on a bright day can somewhat ruin the experience. Have your blinds automatically close when you turn on your TV or a media player. You can have them fully close or simply have the slats slightly tilted – it’s up to you.

Eye icon

Presence Simulation

While you’re away, on holiday perhaps, your blinds can continue to act as if you were there. This creates the illusion that you’re still in and helps deter any potential burglar from noticing the property is unoccupied. This feature is especially powerful when your lighting is also mimicking occupancy.



If you have blinds or curtains covering an emergency exit, they can be automatically opened in the event of an emergency (such as a fire alarm) to ensure that escape routes are more noticeable and accessible.

We can automate a wide range of tasks that are often done manually, saving you and your employees endless amounts of time. Plus, you’ll have a convenient central point of control with our app.

What blinds can I use?

Well in short we can bring a wide range of shading options into one of our intelligent systems. So it doesn’t matter if you’ve got Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, curtains, external shutters or awnings – we can add the functionality listed above. They simply have to be motorised and we’ll be able to make them smart. If you haven’t selected your blinds, curtains, etc. yet, then we’d be happy to talk you through this process to ensure that you can get the right shading for your project.

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