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Smart Multiroom Audio

Smart Audio

Why would I want a smart multiroom audio system?

We’ll presume, you’re already sold on the concept of music – it’s great and can create lovely atmospheres in any room or space. The question here is why would you want a ‘smart’ audio system rather than placing a couple of after-market speakers around the place. Good question.

First and foremost any audio system should produce great sound, which is why we ensure every system we create delivers high-end audio. However, our smart multiroom audio systems can offer you far more than music and podcasts to give you a level of functionality simply not possible with many other solutions.

Playing full blast while doing your Sunday clean, what happens if the doorbell rings? With our solution, the music automatically pauses and the doorbell chime plays over the speakers. Music on in the living room but now you want to switch on the TV?

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With our solution, you can have the music automatically stop if the TV is turned on. On your way out but can’t remember if you’ve left music playing somewhere? With our solution, there’s no need to pull out your phone to access an app, just triple-tap the switch by your door.

The possibilities are endless and can be completely customised to your specific needs.

Smart Multiroom Audio Features

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Flexible listening

You can play different music in different rooms, or if you prefer you can intelligently group rooms to have the same song playing throughout.

Automatic Play

Music can automatically play

Have music automatically start as soon as you enter a room. You can pick the song, playlist or radio station, as well as the volume and what times music should and shouldn’t play.


Stream audio from Spotify & TuneIn

Stream your favourite songs from the world’s most popular streaming service. Or play your favourite radio stations with TuneIn.

Apple Airplay

Apple AirPlay Support

If you’re an Apple user, you can quickly play music through the speakers from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. This is done using their AirPlay technology.

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Intelligent Doorbell

Your doorbell chime can play on all speakers throughout your home or commercial property. Or, if having it play on all speakers doesn’t make sense, you can choose which ones it plays on.

Alarm Icon

Gentle wake-up alarm

Have your favourite song, playlist, or radio station gradually brought on in the morning as part of your morning alarm. A truly better way to start the day.

Auto Off

Music never left on

A double tap on any of our switches will immediately stop the music in a room. However, if you forget music will automatically stop once a room has been unused for a set period of time.

Intruder Alarm

Alarm Integration

Have the burglar alarm play loudly on all speakers, helping to deter intruders. The speakers can also be used if a fire/water leak is detected – allowing you to hear the alarm wherever you are in the property.

You can play different music in different rooms, or if you prefer you can intelligently group rooms to have the same song playing throughout.

How easy is this system to use?

The best system in the world is pointless if it’s overly complicated to use. We know that many systems claim to be smart but end up causing more hassle than they’re worth. This is why we’re proud of how user-friendly and intuitive our multiroom audio systems are.

A lot of the time, you won’t even need to ‘use’ the system as your favourite playlists, albums or radio stations can be brought on automatically when you enter a room. But I don’t want it brought on every time I enter a room. That’s fine, we can set conditions on when music automatically plays and these can be set per room. If you always listen to music when cooking dinner but don’t want it at any other time, we can make sure it only plays automatically between 6 – 8pm. However, in the bathroom, you might always want it to play during the day.

Music automatically playing is great but we know you’ll also want a deeper level of control, which is why you can change the source, adjust the volume and turn music on/off from one of our switches – giving you quick and convenient control. But what if I want to listen to a specific album or I need to play a song that’s been stuck in my head all day? That’s where our amazing app comes in and allows you to pick exactly what you want to listen to.

What speakers can I use?

One of the best things about our smart multiroom audio systems is that if you’ve already got specific speakers in mind, we can tie them into our solution – making them more intelligent than ever. This also allows you to bring speakers from multiple manufacturers into one cohesive system.

Smart Audio

You can also use a range of different types of speakers, such as in-ceiling speakers, freestanding speakers, wall speakers, etc. Whatever you want to use, you can. Of course, we can also help you create the perfect sound in any room or area by recommending a speaker setup based on your desired outcome.

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