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Why would I want Smart Access?

Every building, whether it’s a family home or a commercial building, needs a way for people to get into it. For years this has been done with the trusted lock and key. However, as reliable as this method is, it presents many limitations.

If you lose a key anyone could find it and potentially get in – so if you want to be safe you have to get the locks changed. Then, if you haven’t got a spare key you’ll be calling the emergency locksmith. If you need someone to access the place in a limited capacity (a cleaner that comes once a week, a dog walker that only comes at lunch, etc.), you’d need to give them a key and trust they’ll only use it when they should, or worse resort to leaving a key under the doormat… we’ve all done it! Also, at the most basic level, there’s no way of checking who has entered the building at all. If you’re not in, you’ll never know.
Smart Access

The good news is that there is a better and much more intelligent way of doing all this. Our systems allow you to get in using a key fob or a personal PIN code. If you lose the fob while you’re out, you can open the app and revoke access permissions – you’ll still be able to get in using your PIN code. If you’ve got a cleaner that only comes on Thursday mornings, you can give them a fob or PIN code that only works on Thursdays between 8-12. If you’re stuck out and need a friend to pop around to walk the dog, just open the app and create a one-time PIN code – it will only work once. Plus you’ll have a comprehensive log of all entries to the building, letting you know who has entered and when they did so.

The possibilities are endless and this modern solution ultimately gives you far more flexibility than the traditional lock and key. 

What about visitors?

The other side of intelligent access control is giving you a much more convenient way of handling visitors. In times gone by, if you weren’t in that was that. However, we don’t live in times gone by and we think you should have a modern way of speaking with people at the front door.

Our systems let you speak with anyone at your front door, regardless of where you are in the world. Let the delivery driver know that they should leave the parcel by the side gate, tell your neighbour you’re away for the week but you’ll pop over once you’re back, etc.

Great, but what if I’m busy and can’t talk? Not a problem, you can set predefined answering messages which can be read out to your visitors. You can also check in the app to see who’s been at the door, as the intercom system will keep a record of all your visitors.

Smart Access Control Features

Automatic blinds

Key Fob Entry

Enter your home or commercial building by simply presenting a key fob. You have the ability to manage your fobs through the app, meaning that if you lose one you could instantly disable its access – making them much safer than keys.

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Pin Code Entry

You can also gain entry to the property using an individual pin code. A great option to have in case you ever misplace your keys or lock yourself out – you’ll always have the option to enter your code. Plus, if you’re just popping out quickly, you don’t need to take your keys at all.

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Logging & Tracking

Get a detailed log of entries to the property in the app. You can see who entered and at what time. Great for commercial installations, where you need to monitor entry to the building. It can also be great for parents who want to check if their kids got home from school safely.

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Individual Access Rights

You can set specific permissions for different people. Meaning that you could give someone a fob/code that only works on certain days/times. You could give your cleaner a code that only worked from 10am-2pm on Tuesdays, for example.

Media Control

Intelligent Intercom System

You can use our HD video intercom to speak with visitors at your front door. You’ll have a clear picture and great audio if you want to talk. Or you could just take a look at who’s there before you decide to get up.

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Access and recent visitor history

Your intercom can take a photo of anyone who presses the doorbell. Then, in the app, you can view the recent history of your visitors. Great for checking if that delivery company did actually try to make that delivery!

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Doorbell Notifications

Whether you’re in or not, you’ll get a notification when someone is at the door through the app. You’ll be able to see and speak with them, regardless of where you are. If you are in, the doorbell can play on any speakers you have or you can even have the lights flash.


Answering Message

If you see a notification that someone is at the door but you can’t speak, you can play predefined messages out of the intercom such as “Please leave deliveries in the porch”.

Our Zmart systems let you speak with anyone at your front door, regardless of where you are in the world.

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