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Smart Heating

Why would I want Smart Heating?

Imagine a world where rooms were always the exact temperature that you wanted them to be, without having to manually adjust thermostats. Imagine having a smart heating system that allowed you to set each room to a different temperature. Imagine having real-time temperature and humidity monitoring in each individual room.

Well, imagining is nice, but we can make that a reality. With our modern room-by-room heating control, we give you a more intelligent way to heat your home or commercial property.

No one likes having to wait for a room to heat, so our systems ensure that rooms are at the right temperature at the right time. No one likes having to pick a one-size-fits-all temperature for the whole building, so our systems give you room-by-room monitoring and control. No one likes having to remember to manually lower the heating if they’re heading out unexpectedly, so our systems let you do this with a quick tap on a switch when you’re leaving.


We can give you a heating system that just works in the background taking care of everything without you needing to worry about anything. Plus our smart heating systems are energy-efficient and will always look to heat in the most cost-effective way possible.

Smart Heating Features

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Individual Room Control

Forget a one-size-fits-all temperature. Rooms have different purposes and don’t need to be the same temperature. So you can set an individual temperature for each room.

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Intelligent temperature & humidity monitoring

Get real-time monitoring of both temperature & humidity on a room-by-room basis, without the need for dedicated temperature sensors – as these are built into our switches. You can even monitor this when you’re not in via the app.

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Smart Scheduling

If you set the kitchen to be 20° at 6pm – it will be exactly that. Our systems work out when the heating needs to come on to achieve this, so you don’t have to. Plus, if you’re still using a room but the heating is scheduled to turn off, the schedule will automatically be extended.

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Remote Control

Going to be back a bit earlier than planned? You can set your heating to come on a bit earlier from your phone. This way your rooms will be at the perfect temperature when you get in.

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Calendar-based Control

Customise exactly when your heating should be on or off based on an intelligent calendar that takes into account bank holidays, for example.

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Frost Protection

The temperature in any given room will never be allowed to fall below a set point that you can define. Saving you from the problems that can come from the extreme cold.

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Statistics in the App

Monitor the usage and performance of your heating system. You can use these statistics to identify trends and potentially spot energy-saving opportunities.


Warning Notifications

You’ll get instant app notifications should the system detect anything unusual going on with your heating system – allowing you to act early.

We can automate a wide range of tasks that are often done manually, saving you and your employees endless amounts of time. Plus, you’ll have a convenient central point of control with our app.

Smart heating for whatever heat source you choose

There are many ways to heat a home or commercial building – traditional radiators, underfloor heating, air source heat pumps, oil, HVAC, etc. However, the good news is that going with our smart heating control does not limit your choice. We can create a smart heating system with whatever option you choose.

Plus, we can combine multiple heating sources into one intelligent system – so that your underfloor heating and your radiators are on the same page.

Energy saving

Having such precise control of your heating system and managing temperature on a room-by-room basis ultimately results in energy savings. You’ll no longer need to heat rooms that don’t often get used. Nor will you need to pick a one-size-fits-all temperature for every single room. Being more intentional with how you use your heating system is a great way to reduce your consumption and save on costs.

We can offer state-of-the-art heating control as a stand-alone feature. However, if you opt to go for other features such as automated blind control, the energy-saving potential is taken to a new level. Our systems know when you want to heat a room, and they also know the outside weather conditions. This allows the system to heat the room simply by automatically opening the blinds and letting the sun do the work. This also works in reverse. Room too hot? Get those blinds down!


Intelligent Cooling

Now since there are normally only a few weeks a year when air con is needed, many buildings in the UK do not have it installed. However, if you do want intelligent cooling, we can absolutely do that too! Exactly the same smart functionality can be achieved with cooling as with heating.

In fact, we can make sure that your heating and cooling systems are working in tandem to ensure the most efficient use of energy.

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