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Smart Lighting

Why would I want Smart Lighting?

Every home, office, restaurant, etc. has some form of lighting (we hope). However, despite the advances in every other aspect of technology, in most cases, these lights are still the same as they were 30 years ago.

Why not opt for a modern lighting system fit for a 21st-century home or building where you don’t need to get up and walk over to a switch to turn them on/off? Where they automatically come on for you when you need them and turn off when you don’t. Where they’re easily dimmable and even colour-changing if you want them to be?

We offer a lighting solution that genuinely improves your day-to-day experience, often working away in the background allowing you to get on without having to worry about getting the right lighting.

Smart Lighting Features

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Automated lighting

Your lights can turn on automatically as soon as you enter a room. This is achieved with discrete motion sensors.

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Automatic turn-off when not needed

You can choose to have lights automatically turn off when no motion has been detected in a room for a set time period.

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Natural light considered

Don’t worry, your lights will not be automatically turned on in the middle of the day. Natural light levels are monitored and factored in.

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Coloured Lighting

Simple but effective. You can choose which lights have the ability to change colour.

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Turn off all lights from one switch when leaving

When leaving, you can turn off all lights throughout your home or building, from one switch by the door.

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App control

Quickly check whether any of your lights are on or off via the app. You can do this even if you’re out.

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Dimmable Lighting

Choose which  lights you want to be dimmable. You can dim lights via the app or through our switches.

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Night Lighting

At night, you can have dim lights automatically come on in corridors to guide your way without dazzling you.

Quickly check whether any of your lights are on or off via the app.
You can do this even if you’re out.

Types of Smart Lighting

We can control almost any light fixture, so if you already have specific lights in mind, that’s absolutely fine. Here are three of the most common types of lights we use to create beautiful lighting moods in any area.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lightings are a nice touch to add a premium feel to any space. Plus they’re a great way to highlight a specific space, such as a kitchen island or check-in desk. For an added wow factor you might want to go for a pendant that offers colour-changing lighting.

Pendant Lighting

LED Spots

Led spotlights are a great choice for providing the majority of lighting in any room or area. They’re usually installed flush into the ceiling in a grid layout providing a minimalist finish.
These types of lights are made even better when they’re easily dimmable, giving you the ability to light your space however you like.

Pendant Lighting

LED Strip

When done correctly LED strip can completely change the look and feel of any space. We commonly use LED strip under kitchen cabinets, TV units, stairs or anywhere else in need of a pop of light. You can get really creative with how you use LED strip.

An all-in-one system

One of the biggest benefits we offer is bringing multiple types of lighting into one system to create beautiful lighting moods. Regardless of the different light sources you have in a room, we can tie them together to ensure they work in harmony. You might want a movie lighting mood, where the spotlights are dimmed, the LED strip is set to a warm white and a pendant adds a splash of colour, for example. Whatever specific combination you want, you can have. Plus, you can create lighting moods for yourself in the app. You can use also use the app to select them or they can be added to a switch, so you can conveniently scroll through them.

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