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Smart Security

Why would I want a smart security system?

Property is expensive. A home or commercial building will often be one of the most, if not the most, expensive things you ever purchase. Then factor in all of the valuable (and potentially priceless) possessions we keep inside our properties. But, more importantly, people spend a lot of time in homes and places of work, they should be protected too.

We offer smart, comprehensive security systems that offer multiple layers of protection. Forget an alarm that just plays a tone through one central point. We’ll give you an intelligent multi-stage alarm that sends you a notification (so you’ll know even if you’re not in), plays an alarm on all speakers throughout, flashes the lights, raises the blinds and more. Forget one alarm that is either on or off. We’ll let you set up intelligent alarm zones which you can arm individually, giving you more flexibility than ever before. Forget having to enter a code in your hallway and then quickly run to the door. We’ll give you multiple easy ways to arm your alarm from a quick tap on a switch as you leave, to simply activating it in the app. 

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Plus, our systems give you a level of remote monitoring that other systems simply do not. Regardless of where you are in the world, you’ll be able to check if windows/doors are open or closed, if the alarm is set or not, if there’s been a leak of water, etc. With the app, you’ll have a comprehensive overview of your security system in the palm of your hand. 

Smart SecurityFeatures

Automatic blinds

Multi-staged alarm

The burglar alarm can progress through multiple stages. First, you’ll receive a notification allowing you to deal with any false alarms quickly. Then, if you don’t disable the alarm, your speakers can play an alarm sound, your lights can begin to flash, and your blinds can even be automatically raised to ensure maximum visibility. An external alarm siren can also be triggered.

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Easy Arming

We give you a wide range of ways to set your alarm. A triple tap of a switch when leaving the property will automatically arm the alarm. The same can be done for the switch next to a bed, in a home. We can even have the alarm automatically armed at a certain time each day – great for commercial projects. Of course, you can also enable/disable it at any time using the app.

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Intelligent Zones

You can have different alarm areas or zones in your home or commercial building. These zones can act completely independently. This could be upstairs and downstairs in a home, or a shop floor and a staff room in a retail environment, for example. This allows you to set alarms in specific areas, without having to worry about triggering one in an area you still want to use.

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Fire & Water Protection

Our systems don’t just protect against break-ins. If a fire or water leak is detected then you’ll be instantly notified – giving you as much time as possible to react. To mitigate any damage the water supply can even be automatically cut off in the event of a leak. In the event of a fire,  ventilation can be stopped and escape routes can be lit up.

Media Control

App Notifications

Notifications via the app mean that you’ll be informed of any security issue regardless of where you are – this can give you great peace of mind if you’re away. You’ll receive a notification letting you know exactly which sensor(s) has triggered.

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Door & Window Monitoring

We can add intelligent sensors to your doors and windows, allowing them to be monitored as part of the burglar alarm. If the front door is opened while the alarm is on, it will trigger. This also lets you check the status of windows and doors at any time in the app.

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Delayed Arming

No one wants to accidentally trigger the alarm as they’re leaving. With our systems, you can choose a set period of time after you arm the alarm when it will not trigger, so you can leave at a comfortable pace.


Alarm Logs

You can quickly and easily look back at the history of all of the alarms that have been triggered. You can see exactly which sensor(s) activated the alarm and the specific time that this happened.

We offer smart, comprehensive security systems that offer multiple layers of protection. Forget alarms that just plays a tone through one central point.

Presence Simulation

Depending on the other areas you’ve chosen to include in your system, we can implement something called Presence Simulation. This is one of the coolest features we can implement. While you’re away (on holiday, for example) your home or commercial property can continue to act as if you were actually in. Your lights can turn on and off periodically. Your blinds can lower and raise at appropriate times throughout the day. Audio can be played at intervals. All of this combined, creates the illusion that you’re still in and helps deter any potential burglar from noticing the property is unoccupied. Think of Presence Simulation like Kevin McCallister ‘Home Alone’ mode but without the strings and mannequins.

What about cameras / CCTV?

CCTV or even home security cameras can provide a great level of security in both residential and commercial environments. We can integrate a wide range of cameras into our systems and allow you to see the live footage directly through the app – regardless of where you are. This means that you can check to see if the dog is okay while you’re out shopping, or just check that nothing is amiss while you’re relaxing on the beach on your holiday.

One product, multiple uses

One of the best things about the security systems we create is that often, not many additional products are needed. If your system already has a basic feature such as automatic lighting, for example, then we can use the motion sensors that already exist to create your smart security system. If you already have multiroom audio, we can make sure the alarm plays through your existing speakers. If you already have switches in the room, you can use these to arm the burglar alarm – there’s no need for a dedicated alarm panel.

Taking advantage of the multifaceted nature of the product we use allows us to reduce the number of devices you need for your system.

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