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At Zmart Hohm, we can create a system for your smart home or commercial premises that does exactly what you want, exactly when you want it. Whether that’s the perfect lighting mood automatically coming on as you enter your front room, your favourite playlist or album playing when you pop to the bathroom or something completely custom, specific to your needs.

We can offer features individually, so if you only want intelligent room-by-room heating control or a multi-stage burglar alarm then that’s absolutely fine. However, we also have the ability to tie multiple features into one coordinated system, so regardless of the combination of features you desire, we’ll ensure that they work together harmoniously to create an experience like none other.

The Loxone system we use is inherently flexible – meaning that it’s usually possible for us to design anything that you want. However, for some inspiration, here are some of the most common features we create for our customers:

Loxone App
Smart Lighting icon

Smart Lighting

  • Colour-changing & dimmable lighting
  • Motion activated lighting
  • Lights automatically turning off when not needed
  • Lights staying on if noise is detected in that room
  • Ability to switch off all lights from one switch when leaving your home
  • Monitoring & control of lights in the app
Smart Heating icon

Smart Heating

  • Room-by-room heating control
  • Precise temperature & humidity monitoring
  • Heating statistics in the app
  • Monitoring & control of heating in the app
  • Intelligent scheduling of heating with holiday integration
  • Optional maintenance reminders
Smart Security icon

Smart security

  • Intelligent motion-based burglar alarm
  • Multi-stage alarm system (lights flashing, alarm sounding and more…)
  • Monitoring & control of the burglar alarm in the app
  • Instant app notifications if something flags up
  • Various arming options (app, switches, etc.)
  • History of sensors that have triggered
Smart Multiroom Audio icon

Smart Audio

  • Play music in individual rooms/areas
  • Synchronising the same song across multiple rooms.
  • Stream audio from Spotify & TuneIn
  • Music automatically coming on when entering a room
  • Favourite song or playlist gradually waking you up in the morning
  • Audible reminders based on custom events
Smart Access icon

Smart Access

  • Keyfob or code-based entry
  • HD video intercom system to see & speak with people at your front door
  • Recent visitor history available in the app
  • Virtual connection to intercom to speak with people at your door even when you’re not in
  • Doorbell ring to play on all selected speakers throughout the home/building
Smart Energy

Smart Energy Management

  • Intelligent monitoring of your energy consumption with easy-to-read graphs
  • Instant app notifications when energy is being wasted
  • Automatically turn off standby devices
  • Intelligent solar panel integration
  • Smart charging for an electric vehicle
  • Battery storage to save energy for a later date
Smart Blind Control icon

Smart Blind Control

  • Automated opening/closing of blinds to help heat or cool a room
  • Automatic closing of blinds in the evening for privacy
  • Gradual opening of blinds as part of morning wake-up routine
  • Remote access to close blinds while away from home
  • Intelligent grouping to control multiple sets of blinds as one
App icons


  • Turn off all lights, music and anything else you choose from one switch when leaving
  • App control for multiple users with different permission levels
  • Set your home into “Night Mode” to turn off lights, music and arm the alarm
  • Comprehensive “Away Mode” to look after your property while you’re on holiday, for example
Fingerprint icon


  • Automatic resetting of router overnight
  • Key fob entry to a personal office lockers
  • A dedicated “Guest Mode” for spare bedrooms
  • Automated swimming pool maintenance
  • Live system schematics for a full plant room with live data
  • Intelligent shower control

At Zmart Hohm, we can create a system for your smart home or commercial premises that does exactly what you want, exactly when you want it.


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