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Custom Smart Home & Building Automation

We know that every household and every business has its specific requirements. That’s why the systems that we install are inherently flexible and customisable. Even within our ‘normal’ features such as lighting, audio, security, etc., there is a lot of flexibility to set things up however you want them. However, we also have the ability to create completely unique features that provide solutions to more custom use cases.

Over the years we’ve created plenty of bespoke solutions to specific cases and we’re yet to be defeated. So regardless of how outside of the box your issue is, we’re confident we can implement a solution into your system.

So perhaps you need something fairly normal like a custom meeting mode in the office, where the room automatically comes to life with the TV turning on and the blinds being shut. Or perhaps you need something that’s a bit more out there like smart monitoring and automation of your fish tank or even a way to automatically limit how much time the kids spend watching TV. Whatever you have in mind, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our favourite custom features that we can implement below.

Custom Feature Examples

Automatic blinds

Automatic Router Reset

A lot of problems with any internet connection can be fixed by resetting a router. We can implement an automatic reset of your router on a scheduled basis (at 2 am on Monday morning, for example), when you activate Night Mode, or we can even monitor your connection and reset the router if it ever drops out.

Smart Heating icon

Intelligent Office Lockers

Implement a smart locker system which people can get into using a key fob. You can quickly and easily create, delete and change users directly within the app – making it perfect for offices with multiple employees. Plus, people can use the same key fob they have to enter the building to open their locker.

Alarm Icon

Meeting Room Mode

You can have a meeting room mode that quickly sets the room up to hold your next meeting. The lights can be set to the right level, a projector or tv can be turned on, the blinds can be lowered, and ventilation can even be paused so it’s not distracting. You can activate meeting room mode via the app or with one of our switches.

App icon

Circadian Rhythm Lighting

In recent years, you’ve probably heard about the importance of light on your well-being. We can make your internal lighting mimic natural light which helps with your circadian rhythm. Have your lights at a colder blue concentration in the morning and a warmer orange in the evening. This can positively impact your sleep.

Media Control

Live System Schematics

Have multiple features from your system visually displayed over a floorplan of your building. This gives you a comprehensive overview of even the most complex systems with live, up-to-date data. This is perfect for commercial installations and would be great for a facilities manager, for example.

Brain icon

Visual Doorbell

When someone rings your doorbell, you can have the lights flash rather than a sound being played. This is great if you’ve got young kids who are often sleeping, if you’re working with noise-cancelling headphones on, or if you suffer from any kind of hearing impairment. You could even have both a sound played and the lights flash if you wanted.

Eye icon

Open Window Alerts

Get an instant notification on your phone or through the speakers in the property if you’ve got a window open and it starts to rain. This can help reduce any water damage to electrical devices, paperwork or even carpets – this feature is even more important if you have roof windows installed.


Smart Shower Control

After your alarm goes off in the morning, if you walk into the bathroom, the shower can automatically turn on for you.  The blinds can be lowered and your favourite playlist or album can be played. Plus if the humidity in the room gets too high, ventilation can be ramped up or a mirror demister can be activated.

Take a look at smart shower control in action!

Do I need to have a whole system?

We truly believe that a wholesale smart system will benefit anyone. However, if you’re not ready to commit to a larger system, we can implement an intelligent custom solution for you as a stand-alone system. So you don’t need to opt for an all-singing, all-dancing system if you don’t want to. There’s always the option to expand your system later down the line once you see how brilliant it is.


Our systems have the ability to integrate with a wide range of third-party devices through a large list of interfaces. Put simply, this means that whatever hardware you already have installed in the property, we’ll usually have a way of bringing it into our smart systems and providing you with an intelligent solution. Plus, we have a wide range of our own products that enable intelligent monitoring and control in various settings and scenarios. So in short, whatever you have or haven’t got already doesn’t really matter – we’ll be able to provide you with a custom solution either way.

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