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Why would I need Intelligent Energy Management? 

Whatever the source, energy costs are one of the main financial outgoings in both family homes and commercial environments (especially at the moment). With the systems that we create, energy saving is baked into the very heart of each of them. By having one comprehensive system that has an overview of everything going on in the property, you can relax knowing that different features in your home or commercial building will always be working together with a common goal. Forget having the heating on in a room where the window is open, forget having lights on in a room that isn’t in use, forget music being left on in the kitchen for the entire duration of your holiday. With the systems that we create, these scenarios quite simply do not exist because the whole building is singing from the same hymn sheet.

However, we can also implement some dedicated energy-saving features to take your energy management game to the next level. We can automatically turn off devices in standby mode that are no longer being used. We can take advantage of any low tariffs that your energy company offers by only performing actions that aren’t time critical at specific times, such as charging your electric car. We can schedule your boiler to only produce hot water when you need it. As our systems are inherently flexible, we can implement bespoke energy-saving features for your specific circumstances. 

Energy Management Features

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Automatically turn off standby devices

Stop wasting energy and money powering devices such as TVs, coffee machines, monitors etc. left on standby. We can implement an intelligent standby killer that automatically disconnects devices from the mains when they’re no longer actually being used.

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Solar Integration

We can tie solar panels into our system allowing you to monitor energy produced in the app. We can even implement an intelligent battery storage solution so you can save surplus energy and use it at a later date. We can also forecast future yield – so if it’s going to be a cloudy day tomorrow it may be more cost-effective to charge the battery on a cheap night rate.

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App Statistics

You can access all of your energy usage data directly within the app. This lets you quickly monitor what is going on in the property but also analyse trends over time and spot any opportunities for reducing consumption and ultimately costs.

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Load Management

Our systems can intelligently monitor the total power consumption throughout the property. This allows us to balance your usage at peak times to stop your electrics from overloading. The car charging could be paused if the dishwasher, oven and washing machine have all been turned on, for example.

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Intelligent Modes/Features

Our intelligent modes, such as Room Off, Night Mode, Away Mode, etc. ensure that things such as lighting, heating, and audio are never unintentionally left on. These modes can significantly reduce energy consumption – especially in larger properties or commercial environments.

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Low Tariff Optimisation

A lot of energy providers offer cheaper energy rates when demand is low, usually at night. Our systems can take advantage of this by waiting for these times. For example, you could plug your electric car in when you get home from work, but the system will wait to charge it at the lower rate.

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Energy-saving Heating/Cooling

By ensuring that you have one system working together, we can reduce energy-wasting behaviours. If you open a window in a room being heated, the heating will automatically be stopped. If you’re trying to heat a room on a sunny day, the blinds will be raised to let the sun in. We ensure that everything in your property is working towards the same goal.

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Hot Water Scheduling

We can configure an intelligent schedule for your hot water to make sure it’s always available when you need it. The flip slide of this is that water is never being heated when it’s not needed, reducing any unnecessary energy consumption.

Smart Sockets

Our smart sockets are a great way of tying your existing electrical devices into our intelligent systems. We simply plug devices such as TVs, lamps, fans, computers, microwaves, etc. into the sockets and then you can monitor and control them via the app. This means that any electrical device in your home or commercial building can benefit from the smart functionality listed above. Plus, they can give you added peace of mind for those devices that we all worry that we’ve left on – straighteners, ovens, etc. 

Baked-in Energy Savings

One of the best things about the systems we create is that a lot of the energy savings are baked in. This means that even with no additional products you can benefit from reduced energy consumption. Every feature we add to a system, whether it’s lighting, heating, blind control, etc. has a level of intelligent energy management at its core. If you want some more specific energy management features the additional hardware needed is usually relatively minimal. Plus, as these products exist to reduce your energy consumption (and they’re built to last) they’re almost certainly going to pay for themselves.

Regardless of Source

Nowadays, there are various energy sources for both homes and commercial properties. These include solar thermal, biomass, ground-air source heat pump, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) and many others. Our systems can integrate with almost any energy source (including all of the ones listed above), so whatever you’ve opted for, we can still implement intelligent energy management.

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