Zmart Hohm Showroom

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Come and experience Smart Home Automation for yourself in our Loxone showrooms.

Discover how a ‘Real Smart Home‘ can reduce the number of manual tasks you have to complete to operate the modern home. Welcome to the ‘good old days’ where we inspire automation and demonstrate how simplicity is our number one priority. No Gimmicks! Real Zmart Hohm’s!

South West Showroom | Smart Home Automation

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Zmart Hohm Showroom Zmart Home
Zmart Hohm Showroom Zmart Home

Mood lighting within this area is schedule and presence activated, featuring Loxone’s ‘LED Spot RGBW Tree’ light fittings.

The light intensity automatically adjusts based on the ambient light entering the room. The darker it gets outside – the brighter the room!

External venetians automatically adjust to provide privacy/security and to help passively heat or cool the room based on the trajectory of the sun in relation to the glazing orientation.

These Internorm windows feature P.V cells built into the window frame providing all the power required to operate the integral shading requirements.

Integrated window contacts directly link with the burglar alarm system and turn the heating off within that zone if they were left open.

Zmart Hohm Showroom Zmart Home
Zmart Hohm Showroom Zmart Home

Access solutions provide ease of use when leaving or entering your property. No more fumbling for your keys.

The Loxone ‘NFC Code Touch’ allows access by code or key fob, disarming the burglar alarm and the ‘leaving house’ mode. Welcome home!

A doorbell is also integrated which will pause and chime the audio system within the property, at later times the lights will flash instead.

Switch options on display include the Loxone ‘Touch Pure’ a luxurious glass switch with an integrated temperature/humidity probe providing comfort control for the whole house.

The magic ‘Touch Surface’ can be mounted behind any surface even within a shower room or kitchen worktop!

Zmart Hohm Showroom Zmart Home

The new ‘Touch Nightlight Air’ provides all your control requirements from the convenience of your bedside. A triple tap before bed activates ‘Goodnight’ mode which turns off all the lights, lowers the blinds, arms the burglar alarm perimeter, disarms the audio system/doorbell & extractor fans. Its as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

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Zmart Hohm Showroom Zmart Home
Zmart Hohm Showroom Zmart Home

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